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4 ideas to help tackle low mood

When low mood or depressed mood takes hold it can feel like we’re wading through mud. It might feel like we have to use twice the amount of energy to do the simple things, or we don’t enjoy our loved ones or hobbies as much as we used to. 

If you’re feeling like this, here are 4 ideas to start tackling your low mood:

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START SMALL: The motto here is, “Doing a little is better than doing zero”. Do the smallest task manageable on your to-do list and slowly work your way up. It’s important not to beat yourself up when things are taking longer than usual. Since you’re already feeling awful, beating yourself up will just make things worse and slow you down even further. 

LET’S HAVE FUN: Make a list of small and big activities that you can do for fun, either alone or with others, and do them. The activities should be pleasurable and in line with what you value. As long as you try them out, it doesn’t matter if you have little energy for them. Problem-solve any barriers that may arise and keep yourself accountable. 

PERSPECTIVE: Reflect on what you’re thinking and saying to yourself. Is your self-talk helpful or making you feel worse? Ask yourself whether you’re making assumptions about the situation by guessing, jumping to conclusions or mind-reading. Then, consider the actual facts of the situation and whether there’s other ways to look at the situation. 

HAVE A CHAT: Consider having a chat to your GP or a mental health professional if you feel that your mood is becoming worse. We can take the load off. 

If you need tailored support, find more information about appointments here

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