• Dr Phoebe Lau

How to survive COVID-19 lockdowns

COVID-19 has had a global impact on the mental health of individuals. We have seen rising levels of stress, depression and anxiety in response to the challenges created by the pandemic that are still ongoing.

Our very own, Lienke, assisted lead researcher, Dr Sarah Egan, and the research team at Curtin University in Western Australia in developing a free self-help guide for improving mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. International experts provided ideas of what to include in the guide that could improve mental health and wellbeing in children, teenagers, adults and older adults.

They completed a research trial to take a look at how effective the guide was in 2020. There were 225 adults in the comm

unity across Australia and in the UK who were involved in testing the guide. They found that people who used the guide reported significantly less anxiety and depression compared to people who did not use the guide. Over 80% of people said the guide was helpful and easy to read!

In the guide you will find a range of evidence-based cognitive and behavioural strategies that may help with coping better during this time and it also provides information on where to find more resources.

The guide is freely available for download at covidcbt.org.

The project was funded by the State Government of Western Australia.

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