As a founding member and previous Clinical Lead of Uprise, a technology enhanced Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Dr Phoebe Lau understands that forward-moving companies want to support their employees' wellness to retain talent and ensure sustainable performance. To do that, companies now need to provide proactive mental health and emotional wellbeing resources.


Crisis management through EAPs is not enough. Before an employee thinks about contacting an EAP (or is encouraged to do so), a company may have already experienced:

  • Unplanned absenteeism

  • Low productivity

  • Low quality delivery

  • Low moral

Female Leadership

The Inner Collective recognises that there is gender diversity in emotional wellbeing and mental health across the lifespan. We seek to understand and address challenges that predominately pertain to women in general and female minorities, so women may reach true equality and progress into leadership positions.


Competitive companies recognise that women, and female minorities are critical resources in leadership positions to provide heterogeneous perspectives to complex problems and inform company innovation. However, an effective wellbeing strategy and talent development strategy must recognise the unique challenges faced by women that may impact on workplace engagement, and present as barriers for leadership positions.

The challenges of each business is different, so we don't provide a cookie-cutter emotional wellness package. We want to understand your company's wellness needs. We offer bespoke consultancy, individualised support for emerging leaders, and wellness workshops. 

Workplace Consultancy

Female leadership, productivity, and performance

At The Inner Collective we believe that mental health is an integral part of our general wellbeing. We treat psychology as an integral part of life rather and a clinical experience.

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