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ADHD Group Therapy in Melbourne

ADHD therapist

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Living with the strengths and challenges of ADHD - Neuroaffirming Group Therapy

Our ADHD group program is delivered by knowledgeable and trained Clinical Psychologists.


All our groups focus on strengths, self-acceptance skills, and changing unhelpful patterns. Through the course of our program, we focus on teaching practical skills, encouraging self-discovery, and creating meaningful change. Our program is based on research and evidence.

Who is this group for?

  • Adults (18+) who have a diagnosis of ADHD or who suspect they have ADHD, and who would like to learn about their strengths and discover skills to manage challenges.

  • People who would like a sense of connectedness and support in a group setting.


How long does the group run for?

  • 2 hours per session for 8 weeks

  • Held weekly, 6.30-8.30pm

Dates of next 2024 group: September (day of the week TBC)

How many people are in a group?

  • Maximum 10 participants

Course Content:

  • Understanding ADHD through recent research, and the myths and strengths of ADHD

  • Skills for time management, planning, goal setting, beating procrastination

  • Cultivate new sustainable lifestyle habits

  • Manage and regulate difficult emotions and stress

  • Learn to deal with negative thoughts and thinking patterns

  • Learn self-compassion in the face of challenges

  • Better sleep

  • Improve communication with loved ones and build a supportive network

  • Uses a strengths-based approach


  • $1232 for 8 x 2- hour sessions (to be paid upfront for Medicare rebate purposes).

  • That is $154 per 2 hour session.

  • Participants with a Mental Health Treatment Plan receive a $45.65 rebate per 2 hour session.

  • So you only pay a gap of $108.35 per 2 hour session/week.

  • A $100 deposit will be required at the time of intake and this will be subtracted from your full payment.


  • Medicare rebates of $45.65 per group session are available for sessions with a Mental Health Treatment Plan referral from your GP or psychiatrist. 

Is there an online group?

  • We are looking into the viability of an online group. To claim Medicare rebates for attending online group, you need to live in a medium rural to remote town.

Location:  The Inner Collective office, 2.01, 13-15 Hardware Lane, Melbourne 3000

*Next Group*

  • September 2024

ADHD therapist


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