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Workplace mental health training

Consultancy to support effective leadership, productivity, wellbeing and performance at work


The Inner Collective team works collaboratively with Melbourne businesses and organisations to deliver effective employee wellbeing strategies through workplace mental health training.

Dr Phoebe is a founding member and previous Clinical Lead of Uprise, a technology enhanced Employee Assistance Program (EAP) used by 13 million people. With more than a decade of experience in the mental health field, she understands that forward-moving companies want to support their employees' wellbeing to retain talent and ensure sustainable performance.


To do that, companies need to provide proactive mental health and emotional wellbeing strategies. Crisis management through EAPs is not enough.


Before an employee thinks about contacting an EAP (or is encouraged to do so), a company may have already experienced:

  • Unplanned absenteeism

  • Low productivity

  • Low quality delivery

  • Low morale.


What we offer

We deliver bespoke consultancy, individualised support for emerging leaders and wellbeing workshops for teams including:


  • Webinars on key mental health topics relevant to your staff

  • Interactive online workshops to build lifelong, practical skills for managing wellbeing

  • Tailored resources for your leaders and team members to access at their convenience.


Some of our happy workplace clients:

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Why work with us?

At The Inner Collective, we recognise each business has different challenges, so we don't provide cookie-cutter emotional wellness packages. Instead, we work with you to understand your company's wellbeing needs and develop bespoke consultancy, individualised support for emerging leaders and wellbeing workshops.


All consultancy and workshops are provided by mental health experts, clinical psychologists and clinical psychology registrars from The Inner Collective team. We have extensive experience in delivering engaging, interactive and thought-provoking corporate webinars, seminars and programs.

Contact us for a list of programs we offer and to book a complimentary 15-minute consultation.

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